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daily rent web-site de.ua de.ua
Стартовал: 2016-01-12

daily rent web-site de.ua

Daily rent web-site.
The site allows customer to rent an apartment and to be confident in the quality of expected services.
The user can, via the site tools, choose the most  suitable free apartment at the right time. Can   book apartment and looked forward to the trip.
System provides, for the  owners of apartments,  the ability to keep a single calendar of employment of all its apartments.
Thanks to the inner alhorithmes of the system, owner of the apartment can be sure that his apartment will be handed over at the right time to a reliable tenant
Features of the project:
1. Multi-language interface
2. A comfortable filter of an n apartments
3. The ability to reserve and book an apartment online
4. Information about the sights, near the rented apartment
5. Rating of owners of apartments
6. Rating renters
7. The list of scams


  • PHP5 Symofiny II framework
  • MySql, MongoDb
  • HTML4
  • JQuery

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