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Smart House hardware and software complex local product
Стартовал: 2015-09-11

Smart House hardware and software complex

Complete hardware and software designed for easy and effective management of systems at home and local area.

Within the system was designed:

  • Complex equipment based on arduino controllers and a wide variety of sensors, actuators and warning systems.
  • Offline complex of programs that controls the smart house home systems, alarm systems and backup warning systems
  • Android application that can monitor and control via the Internet or SMS messages to individual elements of the smart home: security, access control, lighting...
  • A Web application which allows to manage all systems of smart house: monitor the status of the sensors, set the schedule for tasks (arm / disarm / control the alarm, switch on/off the hot water, heating, air conditioning, lighting), to monitor visits, view camera, configure SMS alerts, to get  and analize information from the logs of smart house.



  •  Arduino leonardo moduls
  • GPS/GPRS gateway
  • Ethernet interface
  • sensors: motion, distance, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, carbon monoxide, fire, lighting, door opening
  • Drives: servo drives, step motors, brushless motors
  • RFID access control system
  • Backup power  18Kw/h

Features of the offline application:

  • completely autonomous
  • control via a built in touchscreen
  • control via SMS
  • SMS notifications and warnings
  • loging the states of the sensor and events
  • secure communications
  • Issuance and control of RFID tags

Features of the Web application:

  • It is possible to connect to the system an unlimited number of systems of "smart house".
  • Multi-user system - each user has its own level of data access and management tools to operate with his "smart house"
  • Multilingual
  • Monitor the status of "smart house" systems on the same page (dashboard is customized for each connected system of "smart house")
  • Control and management of users and RFID tags
  • Monitoring and control sensors
  • Timetable scripting (on / off heating, air conditioning, water heating, control-switch signaling ...)
  • Management of SMS notifications and warnngs
  • Condition monitoring systems of smart house
  • Power Management of Smart House
  • data interface for the weather forecast
  • Plotting logs on temperature, humidity, pressure... 
  • View cameras
  • heating control
  • Managing hot water
  • lighting Control
  • Managing of the locks
  • User interface of notifications sent by smart house


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