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Automation of the P&G staff work onsparta.com
Стартовал: 2013-09-15
Виталий Сличенко
Руководитель проекта
Виталий Сличенко

Automation of the P&G staff work

We developed and have been supporting an applivation for Automation of the P&G Ukraine staff work

Services for:

  • goal setting
  • storing and analysis of statistics
  • tracking of the staff moving
  • processing of field staff answers
  • delivering reports of the field staff working
  • generating reports with recomendations about supply of items
were developed within a server part of the application.

For this project we also developed a mobile application for Android, which is able to manage the field staff and also to fulfill its tasks.

System features:

  • The full control of personnel, roles in the system.
  • The ability to have multiple unrelated projects.
  • Create and edit on-line schedule of field staff.
  • The ability to track the movement of the field staff on the map
  • The ability to analyze the deflection field staff on the route and schedule
  • Installation tolerances of deviation for different outlets, depending on the geographical and technical features of the outlets.
  • Ability to set individual deviation tolerances for field staff


  • PHP5 Symfony II framework
  • MySql
  • Java
  • AngularJs

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