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Market of financial Products ukrfinservice.net
Стартовал: 2014-01-20

Market of financial Products

National aggregator of financial services
Ukranian Portal of insurance and other financial products for the secure management of your finances.

The project allows customers to enter the necessary parameters of the product, get a list of companies and the price of the product, select the most current offer and sign a contract.
In his personal account the customer can access all his agreements and manage his own data.
The project  allows financial companies  to create their products and, by means of  user-friendly tools  to manage pay scale for each product.
For agents, the project provides a convenient API for selling products through their websites, and the inner cabinet to manage the settings in their profile and monitor their account statistics.
Features of the project:
1. Multi-purpose tool for creating products
2. Online conclusion of agreements with customers
3. The digital signature of agreements 
4. Acceptance of online payments
5. Synchronize data of agreements and customers with financial companies
6. Multiuser admin-panel with the distribution of roles and rights
7. Agent interfaces
8. Agents API
9. Company Interfaces
10. Companies API
11. The User Control Panel
PHP5 Symfony II framework
nginx, apache2



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